No Rules

I had intended to upload some photos tonight, but of course, forgot my camera. Will put some photos up tomorrow. Anyway, wanted to give you another tip. There are many activities in your life governed by specific rules. I don’t think decorating should be one of them. That’s not to say that rules are somehow bad. Let’s just say that decorating is a personal endeavor and because it is personal, it should first and foremost, please that person. If she (or for that matter he) is confused as to what is personally pleasing, follow this advice. Begin. Put your best foot forward and start. I bet that after one or two false starts, you will discover a pattern, color, or texture that pleases you.

So, I don’t plan to give you rules. I hope to give you some tips, suggestions, and some shortcuts that make you life a little easier and unleash your inner decorator.

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