Outside at Nightfall

     Remember when I said, “No rules?”  Well, I want to qualify that.  Nothing is set is stone.  I don’t think you should limit your horizons when you are expressing yourself through your decor.  However, there are some basic principals that can save valuable time and effort. 

     I think that considering proportions is one of them.  When I create a wreath, I consider proportions.  For example, the wreath is normally larger than the bow.  That difference is one of the reasons I find the wreath interesting and appealing.  

     Remember the photo I took of the front of my shop before I began decorating?  The photo at the top of the page depicts what it looks like today.  ( I know that one of the overhead lights is burned out, but I could not find a new bulb to fix it tonight)  I will probably add a couple more things tomorrow.  I consider decorating a “building process”, sometimes accomplished in stages over the passage of time. 

    So that’s the outside of the door.  Walk through it and you have a wide expanse on the inside of the door.  I have a wreath on the outside and on the inside I have a bow. 



 It is beautiful, but then I thought about adding a wreath.  On the outside of the door is a wreath with a bow.  On the inside is a bow with a wreath. 

A bow with a wreath


A difference from the outside to the inside, but the proportions between the elements of each decoration are similar.  On the outside of the door is the traditional wreath with a bow on it.  On the inside is a large bow with a small wreath on it.  Both are attractive and interesting.

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