Sequin-shedding decoration

     Do you have a decoration that continually sheds?  What I mean is–do you have something that leaves sequins, beads, or glitter behind when it is touched or moved?  If the decoration is not particularly expensive and does not have a smooth surface, I have a hint for you.  Use spray adhesive to secure the decorative particles.   Make sure that the adhesive dries clear.  Also, make sure that you apply it in light coats. 

     I use a large cardboard box as a makeshift “painting booth.”  That way, I protect the surrounding area.  Follow the directions on the adhesive spray can and use sweeping motions when you spray.  (This process also works for spray painting. )

     I sprayed two coats of adhesive on a tree top decoration because sequins were continually falling off.  The picture at the top was taken before the spray treatment and the picture below was taken after.  This treatment did not affect the appearance, but shedding was less of a problem after the spray. 

Same decoration after 2 coats of spray adhesive.

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