Sensory Impact

A lovely acorn dangles from my dining room chandelier

     What is decorating?  Well, one thing– it is a process that engages the senses.  For example, we add elements to an empty room hoping to stimulate our senses.  Sight is an obvious one, but don’t forget the others.  Hearing, touch, smell and taste are all beneficiaries, or not, of our decorating attempts.  

     I love to decorate, but I don’t like to fuss.  Fussing, especially at Christmas time, is unnecessarily time-consuming.  I decorate for impact.  The impact need not be loud–in a sensory way–but it should be noticed by one of the senses or it is a misuse of valuable time.  I try to achieve my decorating with a minimum of time-wasting fussiness.  What does this mean?  If I can create a tableau with 3 elements instead of 7, I do so, because it is quicker to arrange fewer things.  As a result, I often use larger elements.  I choose to work with physically bigger things because I need fewer of them to make a visual impact. 

     You know those decorating shows that encourage you to hang ornaments from the light fixture over your dining room table?  Well, forget the dozen small things dangling from the chandelier.  I use one large ornament.  I have the impact I want, and it took me less time to achieve it.  Are  you thinking that my solution is going to look gauche?  Or be terribly expensive to pull off?  On the contrary, there are beautiful, inexpensive, and lightweight ornaments that would look fantastic dangling from a chandelier.

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