Butterflies Are Free? No, But They Aren’t Expensive.

Chicken wire ribbon, approximately 6 inches long

Want to make some butterflies?  It’s easy and not very expensive.  I like to use something called chicken wire ribbon.  The kind I buy comes in 6 foot roles.  I cut the roll into approximately 10 equal pieces. 

     Crimp the middle of each piece, flaring the “wings” on either side. 

Crimp and flare


Take a length of narrow cord.  I used some gold elastic cord, approximately 12 inches long and looped it around the middle of the butterfly, pulling the ends through so that they dangle from one end like antennae. 

Easy, huh?


I added a small shiny plastic ball with a short wire to the middle of the butterfly and secured it with a small dab of glue.  The wire can be used to attach the new butterfly to the tree.

Doesn't it look nice on the evergreen branches?


Want to do a variation on this theme?  Use two pieces. Place them perpendicular to each other and crimp them both in the middle.  Flare and cup each “petal”  until it resembles flower petals.  I secure the pieces with another plastic ball with an attached wire.  Again, using the wire to attach this flower to the tree. 

A pretty addition to any tree.

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