Decorating at Your Door–Welcoming Visitors to Your Home During the Holidays

I’ve discussed themes and the value of considering them before we actually begin to decorate–many times.   Themes help us make better decorating choices, allowing us to become more effective and efficient.  For example, if you have decided that you want to use copper and red as your color theme, you probably should not be looking at silver and maroon ribbon–no matter how pretty it is.

I’ve also talked about decorating outside of your home before, but I wanted to combine several aspects of outside decorating into one posting.  Most people who decorate outside put some lights on the house, maybe some more on the shrubs and a wreath on the front door.  If you think decorating the outside of your home involves stringing tens of thousands of lights all over the outside of your house, you probably won’t be particularly impressed with the suggestions I am about to make.  However, if your outside decorating has been limited to a wreath on your door, I hope that I can convince you to use a bit more imagination and spend a little bit more time to achieve something much more interesting.  Do some simple things and you can elevate your decorating style.

1.  Because most people decorate their front doors, let’s begin with them.  Use a wreath, swag, or create something truly unique.  If you collect something, put a representation of your collection on the door–with or without greens.  If you have a battery p0wered light string, you can even light your creation.

2.  Put a planter or pot beside the door.  If you have limited space there, create something narrow and vertical.  If space is not an issue, create something asymmetrical or something that flows all over the edges of the pot.  If you are putting something together and it is not cold enough to freeze, put a water source in the base of the planter.  If the planter or pot is lightweight, put something in the bottom to add some weight so that your creation does not tip over.  You can use sand, rocks, or even another, heavier pot.

3.  How about a garland over the front door?  It can be made from real greens or a combination of real and artificial elements.  It doesn’t have to flow all around the door.  It can be rather short, emphasizing just the top of the entrance.  If you consider the door, the “eye,”  the garland would be the “eye liner.”

These are three relatively easy things to do the entrance of your home.  Decide upon a plan before you begin.  Do as little, or as much, as time allows.

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